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The ultimate guide to mobile app analytics tools

Mobile app analytics tools

If you are a developer then mobile app analytics are your best friend! It acts as a major help to understand the response from the user end and helps in reaching goals more quickly. In case you have no access to the mobile app analytics, then you may just try out things blindly without actually having proper information on which thing is working out well. It is a very important task for a developer to think and learn the basics of mobile app analytics in order to understand the behavior of the mobile application well from the other end. There are some amazing mobile app analytics tools available which will help in tracking the mobile applications’ day to day reach.

Tools are important to check the analytics and insights of the particular mobile application. It also helps in speeding up the process of gaining more reach in less time by changing theories and action plans according to its insights. Insights about various things like revenue, awareness or other KPIs can be easily noticed by using mobile app analytics tools.

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Some of the app analytics tools which have amazing records in terms of working are


This is a mobile app friendly developer tool that comes with an amazing plethora of tools and helps in understanding the insights of the app in a better way. This has very good recognition in terms of increasing user base data. It was first introduced in 2011 and comes with three different sections.


Develop deals with the realtime database, authentication, cloud messaging, storage, hosting, test lab, and crash reporting.

Grow deals with notifications, remote config, app indexing, dynamic links, invites and Adwords.


It is the next best qualitative app analytics. It comes with various user recordings, touch heatmaps, realtime app analytics, and alert, conversion funnels, action cohorts, automatic event tagging, crash recordings and symbolization, retention analytics, users flow, navigation paths, ANR analytics, offline tracking, and easy setup and integration tools. These tools make it easy for perfect user growth tracking and planning the strategies along.


This is the ultimate app for developers to understand the analytics better and especially for IOS users. It might seem like the regular app but it isn’t. This app analytics can be connected to Itunes where you cans ee all your iOS and tvOS data from user engagement. It has web traffic, app store impressions, app store product page, paying users and segment by download date tools.


It is the mobile analytics tool that helps in majorly app usage and app revenue. Some of the features are session tracking, revenue analytics, retention tracking, custom events, and active user reports tools.


It offers various tools from traditional marketing to smart tracking of users’ growth. It helps in taking the right actions for driving engagements and user growths. It has amazing features such as sessions and events, retention analytics, attribution, uninstall tracking and LTV insights.

These were some of the best mobile app analytics tools which help in tracking user data and insights.

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